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The Impact of Staying in Touch

Studies confirm informed and engaged patients enjoy better outcomes and are more satisfied. "Hard costs can be lowered and efficiencies gained." Read the research.


Stay with your patients 24/7. Accessible and clinically sound information in the form "Generation App" prefers, for both iPhone and Android devices, with your branding. Take a tour.

Our Content Approach

Evidence-based, relevant, multimedia and multiplatform, we build content that has an impact on patient behavior and satisfaction. Read about The Care Voice.

Multilingual, Multimedia, Multiplatform

Engage your patients when and how they choose. Content is presented a variety of ways to accommodate different learning styles. Details.

Let’s Get Started

Our mobile app, eNewsletters, guides and videos deliver customized content and engaging advice, targeted to meet every life stage. See how this ideal solution designed for health systems can make you the go-to resource for family health.

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